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Feng Shui to Help Sell your House

Article taken from Look China

The ancient Chinese method of Feng Shui is a way to increase the value of your home. Here are some ways to create balance and create positive chi in a house that will go on the market. These are guidelines to help you increase your chance of selling your home.

1. Exterior:
The first impressions are indeed lasting, and includes potential buyers of your home will have. Step outside your home where you have a complete image abroad. What is your first impression? Keep in mind the overall balance and energy created by the house. If your home and the grass does not exist in these areas, then you must make adjustments.

What about your roof? It’s clean? You may use some specialist in low pressure washing to make your roof looks like new.


2. Main Entry:
This is the “mouth” of chi, so it is important that the door is easily visible from outside the home. Add lighting to be easily seen at night. Cut the plants around the door so as not to impede the view of it from abroad. Remove objects such as garbage cans in the area. Wipe dust and debris on the front door. Finally, add an attractive welcome mat. This helps you say “Welcome” before actually say.

3. Helpful People Area:
Make a list of everyone was very helpful to try to sell your home. People can go from the company moving truck, the driver of the truck. After presenting the list, place a silver box and then put it on the front right corner of your home. To help create positive Chi. And hopefully that will sell your house to the right person at the right price and time.

4. Rooms:
Check all the rooms and check that there is a balance between the rates and what is inside them. The goal is to create positive energy. Some of the most effective ways to remove clutter from their rooms and put the issues on your site. For example, should not have exercise equipment in the basement, or moving boxes in the lounge. It is important that all objects in a room having the same area. This will help avoid confusion and negative Chi.

5. Cuisine:
In the world of Feng Shui, the kitchen is a symbol of health and success. Therefore, it is important that your kitchen is very clean. Not only that will make the room more attractive, but also be more functional. Make sure the kitchen is free of dirt and disorder. This will make it easier to cook delicious, nutritious, will give family members the power they need to work and study effectively. This will help create positive Chi.

6. Prosperity Area Life:
This is the back left corner of your home. It is important to keep the positive energy of people here said gear. First, the area is excellent. It can also put the cards helpful people here who will help create more positive chi from being achieved.

7. Affirmations:
This is the power of positive thinking (positive and Chi). Create (and read) some statements that help create the positive energy needed to sell your home.

The proposals will help to create Feng Shui balance in your life, while helping to sell your home successfully.

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