About AquaForce Power Washing

about us

AquaForce Power Washing is an Atlanta-based business that has developed a unique no-pressure method of roof cleaning. We help you protect and enhance the look and value of your biggest investment, your home.

We use an environmentally friendly detergent that is very tender on your shingles, protecting as it washes. Our no-pressure roof washing system ensures that your roof shingles are not destroyed while washing and that you get your roof looking like new and free of mold, algae, and stains that have accumulated over the years.

You don’t need to change that roof, just clean it!

It is estimated that about 80% of all roof replacements are caused by mold and algae (Gloeocapsa magma). Gloeocapsa magma looks unsightly and may cause premature shingle failure. It also traps heat, which causes your roof to get hotter and your air conditioner to work harder.

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